DaVinci just dropped their latest mobile vape, the Miqro vaporizer. Following on exactly the exact same route as the DaVinci IQ, the Miqro is basically the exact things you loved about its predecessor in an even smaller and more discreet package.

About the DaVinci Miqro
The DaVinci Miqro is incredibly compact – measuring in at nearly 8 cm tall x 3.5 cm broad, with a thickness of just over 2 cm. Fitting perfectly in the palm of the hand, the Miqro is discreet and stealthy for using out and about. It weighs in at just 100 grams, compared to the DaVinci IQ that is 40% heavier at 140 g.

The Miqro comes at a lower price tag than the IQ, but surprisingly it includes a complete kit of accessories and tools included in your purchase — such as a grinder card, an elongated mouthpiece, gaskets, cleaning tools and materials, a carry case, and a carry-can keychain to store spare batteries and herb.

DaVinci Miqro

The Miqro dry herb vaporizer is highly customizable to your tastes, with many settings and modes to choose from to tweak your session to your liking — such as a boost mode and standby mode. By picking the Boost mode, your device will increase the temperature further for the past couple of hits of your session. Standby mode will quickly cool down the apparatus to preserve battery life and your staying dry herb. Much like the IQ, DaVinci have fitted the Miqro vaporizer with their signature Smart Paths feature. With Smart Paths, you decide on a ten minute session where your Miqro will gradually increase the temperature over a distance of 20°F/12°C. The Miqro offers you four pre-set Smart Paths to pick from — Smart Route 1 (350° F / 176°C – 370°F / 187°C), Smart Path 2 (370°F/187°C – 390°F/199°C), Smart Course 3 (390° F / 199°C – 410°F/ 210°C) and Smart Course 4 (410°F/210°C – 430°F/222°C). This Smart Paths attribute is perfectly timed for a fast session with friends. You can even decrease the oven size of your Miqro device by simply turning the zirconium pearl from the oven, to increase or reduce space within the room.

Battery Capacity
The Miqro is powered by two replaceable 18350 batteries. The unit is billed via usb, which is included in your purchase kit. This produces the Miqro incredibly simple to charge on the move, though it’s one little downside that the batteries must be within the device to be billed instead of charging them individually. Total charge time takes approximately 90 minutes, and the Miqro also supplies pass-through charging — meaning you can use your vaporizer while is it plugged in to charge. The Miqro battery lasts for about 50 minutes at full charge, which considering its smaller battery size is in fact quite good — especially when you look at something like the Crafty that lasts 45 minutes.